Darfield Digital Studios

Rotoscope, Paint, Tracking & Compositing

For rates and availability, contact Nick Lambert:

Tel. +44 (0)7966 403 267

Licensed seats of: NukeX, Mocha, SilhouetteFX, SynthEyes & PFTrack.

Input & output SD, HD, 2k, 4k & 5k. Log or lin plates in any current file format.
Your choice of final delivery method, whether exported files, rendered plates
or application scripts. Most work can be carried out via ftp, but HDD, SSD, DVD or
BluRay are available options via courier or by hand.

I am happy to work in-studio as freelance or under contract if you prefer.
My NukeX licence is floating so I can bring it with me.
I also have highly recommended digital artists around the globe I can put you in contact
with if you are based too far from me.